Season 11

  • Episode 4. Hammered

    An alcoholic is accused of the rape and murder of an abortion doctor. His defence insists that alcoholism is an illness, but why does Paxton disagree?

  • Episode 5. Hardwired

    Benson and Stabler face a tough choice when the lead suspect in a child abuse case offers to give up a paedophile ringleader in exchange for immunity.

  • Episode 6. Spooked

    A straightforward investigation into a drug cartel murder is turned on its head when the detectives uncover suspected FBI interference.

  • Episode 7. Users

    After a crime scene photograph of a murdered girl is leaked onto the internet, Warner and Stabler try to establish the person behind the stunt.

  • Episode 8. Turmoil

    Stabler has to step aside from an ongoing rape investigation after his son becomes embroiled in a dangerous row with a drug dealer.

  • Episode 10. Anchor

    Three deaths take the team into the world of illegal immigration where they are opposed by a talk show host. Guest starring John Larroquette.

  • Episode 11. Quickie

    When a serial rapist spreads disease along with his assaults, the detectives' sole lead is a website advertising casual amorous meetings.

  • Episode 12. Shadow

    The death of a rich couple found killed in their bed leads detectives to believe that the victims' daughter may have committed the crime.

  • Episode 13. PC

    As they search for a murderous rapist, Benson and Stabler are forced to deal with the abrasive leader of a lesbian rights group.