Season 9

  • Episode 1. Alternate

    While investigating a child abuse case, the team discover that the mother should be the subject, not the child. Guest starring Cynthia Nixon.

  • Episode 2. Avatar

    A player of online virtual reality games goes missing and the detectives attempt to track down her kidnapper by using her avatar.

  • Episode 5. Harm

    When a volunteer at a victims' rehabilitation centre is murdered, the detectives discover that she had been working with an Iraqi informant.

  • Episode 6. Svengali

    When the gruesome murder of a college student bears the hallmarks of a convicted serial killer, Benson comes under fire from his supporters.

  • Episode 7. Blinded

    A schizophrenic serial rapist forces Novak to confront her dark past, which seems to affect her judgement during the trial.

  • Episode 8. Fight

    The detectives are confronted with the world of illegal street fighting when a stockbroker is found beaten to death.

  • Episode 9. Paternity

    The detectives look into the rape and murder of a young boy's nanny. Meanwhile, Benson and Kathy are victims of a car accident.

  • Episode 10. Snitch

    When a 14-year-old African immigrant is found dead, Benson and Stabler assume the murderer was a local thug called 'D King'.