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Columbo Christmas

Join our favourite mac-wearing detective 18th-22nd December and 25th-27th December at 2pm

18th December at 2pm - Columbo: Uneasy Lies the Crown
When actor Adam Evans (Marshall R. Teague) dies in a car crash, police detective Columbo (Peter Falk) is brought in to investigate. Learning that the completely healthy dead man was killed by an overdose of heart medication, Columbo talks to his dentist, Wesley Corman (James Read). After discovering that Corman's wife, Lydia (Jo Anderson), was seeing Evans behind her husband's back, Columbo begins to suspect that the dentist killed the actor, despite his perfect alibi.

19th December at 2pm -  Columbo: Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
The special guest killer this time is George Hamilton, who plays Wade Anders host of an America's Most Wanted-style TV show ‘CrimeAlert’. Threatened with public revelation that he once starred in a porno film, Anders turns to desperate measures to hide his past.

20th December at 2pm - Columbo: A Bird in the Hand
Chronic gambler Harold McCain (Greg Evigan) is given a deadline to pay his debts… or else! He plants a bomb under the Rolls-Royce of his uncle, professional football team owner Big Fred (Steve Forrest). The bomb is set to explode when the engine is started. However, someone else gets to Big Fred before Harold's bomb does... Harold attempts to remove the bomb before it kills someone else, but can't due to Police and security on the premises. When the gardener tries to move the Rolls Royce out of the way of the TV camera crews, the bomb explodes, killing the gardener.


21th December at 2pm - Columbo: It's All in the Game    
Wealthy socialite Lauren Staton (Faye Dunaway) and her daughter Lisa Martin (Claudia Christian) conspire to murder their abusive, two-timing lover Nick Franco (Armando Pucci). Lauren does the actual murder, going to Franco's apartment and shooting him. Lisa then stays in the apartment, keeping the body warm for several hours with an electric blanket until Lauren returns with the building manager (Bill Macy).

22th December at 2pm - Columbo: A Trace of Murder
Cathleen Calvert (Shera Danese) and her lover, crime scene investigator Patrick Kinsley (David Rasche), are weary of having to see each other on the sly. She won't divorce her husband, rich businessman Clifford Calvert (Barry Corbin), due to their prenuptial agreement. So, the lovers scheme to get him out of the way by killing Howard Seltzer (Raye Birk), an investment broker who is suing him, then framing Clifford for the murder. To do so, Patrick drives to Seltzer's house and tricks Seltzer into letting him inside by claiming that his car phone has died and that he has to make an urgent phone call. Patrick then shoots Seltzer and plants evidence to suggest that Clifford was responsible. Columbo's work is cut out for him, because Patrick is on the team handling the investigation.

25th December at 2pm - Columbo: Ashes to Ashes
As funeral director to the stars Eric Prince, he murders gossip columnist Verity Chandler (Rue McClanahan) when she attends his latest funeral, that of actor and war hero Chuck Houston. Chandler threatens Prince that her next exposé will be about him. (Two decades earlier, he stole a valuable diamond from the body of a deceased silent film star.) Prince bludgeons Chandler with a tool in his storage room, then hides the body in a compartment used for corpses. After the funeral, Prince takes the casket containing Houston's body to the preparation room, where he puts Chandler's body into the casket in its place. It next enters the cremation oven, and afterwards, the ashes are scattered by helicopter over the Hollywood hills. Prince then goes to Chandler's house and fakes evidence of her abduction. So no one will become suspicious, he cremates Houston's body by piggybacking him onto another corpse scheduled to be cremated.


26th December at 2pm - Columbo: Murder With Too Many Notes
Hollywood film composer and conductor Findlay Crawford (Billy Connolly) has been mentor to a talented young composer, Gabriel McEnery (Chad Willett), who has been ghostwriting most of Crawford's work for the last few years. Gabe even penned Crawford's last movie score, which won an Oscar. Crawford realizes he will be ruined and ridiculed if it ever becomes known. Aware that Gabe practices on the roof of a studio building, Crawford plots his murder.

27th December at 2pm - Columbo likes the Nightlife
Los Angeles rave promoter Justin Price (Matthew Rhys) helps his girlfriend Vanessa (Jennifer Sky) get rid of the corpse of her ex-husband, mobster Tony Galper, who was backing Price's new club, after he drops dead in Vanessa's apartment. He disposes of the body for her but unknown to him, tabloid photographer Linwood Coben secretly photographs him getting rid of the body. He tells Price he can have the negatives and prints for $250,000 and Price agrees to pay him. They meet that evening but Price instead kills him and makes it look like a suicide.