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Chance: Season 2

Based on the novel by Kem Nunn, CHANCE is a provocative psychological thriller that revolves around Eldon Chance (Hugh Laurie), a forensic neuropsychiatrist who reluctantly gets sucked into a dangerous world of police corruption, sexual obsession, fractured identities and violence.

In season 2 Chance, the paper-pushing neuropsychiatrist, has given way to a different kind of pusher – a man willing to push back at the broken system.  When he is coerced into helping Detective Hynes take down a serial killer, Chance finds himself "laying in the nest" of the killer, in a dangerous game to prove the man guilty. His reckless behavior also puts him at odds with D (Ethan Suplee), who has begun to question the black and white nature of his own vigilantism. When the walls of the system collapse in on him, Chance is forced to reassess his life’s work and questions if violence is really the answer.

Chance Season 2, Sundays at 11pm